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Bulk blower bodies built with purpose

Industry-leading bulk blowers, including rigid, trailer, moving floor and static designs, all crafted to eject your materials at optimum rates – safely and efficiently.
Transform barriers
into breakthroughs

As the UK’s leading supplier of blowers, we’re used to overcoming the challenges that could slow your industry down, and transforming them into opportunities to accelerate.


We do it with more intuitive designs, more responsive aftercare, and more Whole Vehicle Type Approvals, ensuring we craft the highest quality blowers first time, every time.

Peerless products

When it comes to pneumatic blowers, there isn’t anything we don’t know or can’t deliver.


We design and build all types of blowers to fit your exact requirements. No project is too big or too small.

Bespoke builds. Superior service.

Our unrivalled knowledge and experience developed over 30 years means we can design and build bespoke blowers, fit for any purpose.


We work closely with you from concept to completion, obsessively honing your custom blower for ease of use, safety and performance – now and in the future.