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Motion: Your whole life service partner

If your business relies on a vehicle, you need a vehicle you can rely on. We maximise your fleet’s lifetime productivity and minimise vehicle off road (VOR) time to keep your business moving forward.
Aftercare shouldn’t be an afterthought

It’s a crucial step to keep your fleet body in motion and your business on the road.


At TVS Interfleet, we believe aftercare shouldn’t be an afterthought. So we go beyond standard breakdown cover to offer predictive and preventative maintenance, keeping parts in good repair and using intelligent technology to identify faults before they happen.

Bespoke support that works as hard as you - whatever your needs, whatever your budget
No two fleets are alike. So we provide bespoke service plans to fit your needs and budget, 24/7 roadside support, and a comprehensive range of genuine spare parts – no matter how big or small the repair. So you have a reliable body for the job, and dependable partners for the journey. 
Tailored maintenance packages
Our unique contract maintenance packages are perfectly tailored to suit your businesses’ bespoke needs. We also operate mobile workshops from which we can service your vehicle equipment and perform any troubleshooting needed.
Roadside support
A vehicle that’s off the road isn’t doing its job. With a team of 1600 vehicle body experts, we’ll reduce your downtime and quickly get you back on track.
Genuine spare parts
If your broken part cannot be repaired, we stock 100% genuine spare parts approved by our experts. From vehicle parts to engine parts and accessories, we’ll get your shiny new part to you as quickly as possible.
INTERLECS Insight maintenance

INTERLECS provides in-depth, valuable insights for data-driven support. Think of it like the brain of your vehicle body.


When permissions have been provided, INTERLECS sends our predictive maintenance team a status of your vehicle health.


From here, we can offer the best advice, anticipate upcoming maintenance needs, and keep your business operating at peak performance.