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About us

When it comes to commercial and industrial vehicles, the chassis drives the body, but the body drives the business.
Bodies built with purpose

Fleets and bodies deliver your payloads, your promises, and your profitability. So we give them both the attention they deserve.


With scale, capabilities and innovation developed over 30 years, we’re used to tackling big challenges that could slow our industry down, and turning them into opportunities to accelerate.


We did it with Type Approvals, and we now oversee more than any other UK bodybuilder. It’s the same with fleet electrification – we’re leading the charge, collaborating with OEM’s to develop lightweight e-mixers and e-tippers.


At TVS Interfleet, we don’t just build, we build with purpose.

At a glance
Joining up our industry to keep bodies in motion

By unifying the UK’s foremost vehicle components business (SB Components), concrete mixer supplier (McPhee), the leading provider of blowers (Priden) and tipper experts (Wilcox), we make it simpler to manage all your fleet’s bodybuilding needs with one supplier.


Our connected capabilities reduce complexity and risk, and increase innovation and efficiency across every stage of the bodybuilding process. All to keep you moving ahead.

Our culture
We craft with passion

Across the business, we take pride in our work. From our welders who autograph their tippers’ CE plates, to developing a tailored solution for OpenReach, we’re obsessed with every detail to bring businesses the best.

We’re leading the EV charge

Electric vehicles are the future for many, but the present for us. We’re working with OEMs to focus our combined energies and passion on developing bodies that respect their surroundings.

Bodybuilding specialists, moving as one

We’ve joined up our industry to keep vehicle bodies in motion. Our scale, capabilities and innovation developed over 30 years ensures we have a specialist for every specification.

Nobody else has the engineering angle that they do, or the size and scale across Whole Vehicle Type Approvals (WVTAs)

Meet the senior leadership team at TVS Interfleet
Craig Harris
Executive Chairman
Recent experience - CEO of an Aerospace, Defence and Rail Group.
Alan Sime
Chief Financial Officer
Recent experience - CFO with turnaround, PE and M&A experience in a range of manufacturing businesses.
Julie Chobrzynska
Director of People & Organisational Development
Recent experience - Senior HR/OD roles in Manufacturing, Science & Technology, NHS and Charitable Sector.
Kevin Walker
Technical Director
Recent experience - Former director shareholder of Priden Engineering Ltd, over 21 years experience in the Commercial Vehicle Industry.
Phil Ashton
Commercial director
Recent experience - Business Development Director at Ryder Limited (Commercial Vehicle Leasing) & Sales & Marketing Director at Montracon Limited (Trailer manufacturing).
Chris Benton
Operations director
Recent experience - Purchasing Director within Aerospace Sector.
Scott Cubberley
Customer Relations Director
Recent experience - 16 years’ experience in the commercial vehicle industry.